A New Brand Of Power

Talon Forklifts are now available in Texas! As part of a brand-new line of powerful warehouse machinery, Talon is set to change the industry with a lower-cost, high-performance machine. Find out how you can get a new Talon Lift today!


Operator comfort is a key feature of every Talon Lift. We know that long hours in the saddle can lead to workplace mishaps, so we created a machine that can keep the operator going.

Easy Controls

Retraining on a new machine can create havoc and slowdown in a busy warehouse. Talon Lifts are designed to be familiar and easy to use for any operator to keep your company moving.

Fast Shipping

Why wait for your new machine to arrive? Talon Lifts ship from the heart of Texas to anywhere in the US quickly. Also included are plenty of spare parts and maintenance kits to make sure that you won't need to come back for more.

Various Models

Talon Lifts come in a variety of models and variants. No matter the need of your warehouse or operation, you can rest assured knowing that there will be a Talon Lift for you.

"A New Future"

"Alpha & Omega Industrial Material Handling are always looking to push the fold when it comes to technology. Innovation pushes progress, and that is why we are a proud distributor of Talon Forklifts from Alpha & Omega. These forklifts will not only set the bar for performance, but also change the way customers can expect to be treated by a manufacturer"

Mike Flowers